About LouisvilleHomeSales.com

Louisville MLS service screen shotThank you for visiting our website and learning more about LouisvilleHomeSales.com.  When we launched our site years ago, our goal was to simply supply our visitors the most up to date information available on all homes currently for sale in the Greater Louisville Metro Area.  Success.  Utilizing the services of the industry leader, we now have detailed MLS listings info on each and every single property currently being listed by Realtors in the Greater Louisville Association Of Realtors.  Not only can you search homes by price, size and location, but you can also search by using many other variables, such as garages, basements, proximity to a certain location and many other awesome features.

After nailing down our home search features, we started to focus on providing information on the most effective and successful marketing tools used to get homes sold.  These methods allow our clients, and anyone else utilizing them, to get their homes sold quicker than the market average, as well as experiencing much less turmoil than is normal in a complicated financial transaction such as the sale of a private residence.  Some of the tools that we provide our clients, and discuss in our marketing plan, include Text Message Marketing, Property Syndication, Social Media, Video and Home Owner SEO.  To learn more about the marketing that we provide to get our clients’ home sold successfully, in any market, please make sure to give us a call to set up a private appointment, or watch our marketing video in which we go into a little detail about our most popular marketing tools.

And then, to further serve our clients, and anyone else interested in our local real estate market, whether they be a buyer or a seller, we have been working hard on providing the very best Louisville real estate statistical information available to the general public, and analyzing that data to help everybody make better decisions.  So if you live in 40207 for instance, and would like to see how the median asking price has moved in the past three years, we have that data for you!  And not just 40207, but all sorts of zip codes in and around the city.  And if you live in an area we don’t have listed, no problem, just let us know and we would be happy to assemble the information for you and email it directly to you just as quickly as possible, no cost, no obligation!

Thanks again for stopping by www.LouisvilleHomeSales.com, we hope you find our site useful and engaging, and we would love to hear some feedback on how we can make this site even better!