Eric Seltz And His Louisville Home Design Team

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of Louisville’s most renowned home design teams – our own real estate agent, Eric Seltz, and the masterminds behind the beautiful work he has accomplished throughout our community, Laurel Bledsoe of Laurel Bledsoe Designs and Kristen Britt of Creative Kitchen and Bath. Eric met these two talented ladies over a decade ago after meeting them through another real estate agent on another project. They began to team up on various projects throughout our community to help real estate buyers, sellers, and homeowners beautify their homes.

Eric, Laurel, and Kristen have worked closely on numerous renovation projects throughout the community. On this episode of Perspectives, presented by Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty, they explain how they got started in the renovation business and how their team helps their clients make tweaks and changes to their home design to give it a more competitive edge.

“We like to do any kind of updating, any renovating, any money you put into your home so if you don’t sell, it’s still something you can enjoy until you are ready to buy a new home.” – Laurel Bledsoe

In This Louisville Home Design Interview, We Discuss:

  • Examples of the type of projects the team helps their clients achieve.
  • How Eric’s team helps real estate buyers, sellers, and home renovators identify what would work best for their needs.
  • How they work remotely while working with clients.
  • The team’s average turnaround time on quick fixes and bigger renovation projects.
  • How they help clients renovate their home to sell in a competitive neighborhood.

Tune-in to learn more  about Perspectives:

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