Should I Use A Louisville Real Estate Agent When Buying?

You’re ready to move from renting to owning a home. And now you’re asking the big question: “Why should I use a Louisville real estate agent to help me find my dream home?”

After all, you can find homes on your own through the growing number of websites devoted to real estate listings, right? And you can call the owners of those homes, or their real estate agents, to schedule tours of their properties, right?

Maybe. But working with a real estate agent, or better yet, a Realtor, comes with a host of benefits. Agents knowledgeable in your housing market can save you time and money. Best of all? You don’t even pay for an agent’s services. The sellers of the home that you eventually buy pay for your agent’s commission.

So maybe the better question is, “Why wouldn’t you work with a real estate agent?”

The Agent’s Duties

A real estate agent performs several duties when working with home buyers. The first? Agents meet with buyers to find out exactly what kind of home in what kind of neighborhood they are seeking.

Maybe you have young children and are living in a home in a strong public school district is important. Maybe you don’t have children and are interested in living in a community that features reliable public transportation and plenty of entertainment options.

No matter your desire, your agent will lead you to homes and communities that fit your needs. Top real estate agents know their communities. They know which feature eclectic restaurants and shopping districts and which are the most kid-friendly. They can save buyers important time by keeping them from looking at homes or neighborhoods that don’t fit their desires.


Skilled real estate agents also keep buyers’ home searches organized. They schedule showings with the homeowners and their agents. They scan multiple listing services to find new homes that meet the needs of their buyers.

And, perhaps most importantly, they steer their buyer clients away from homes that might be overpriced for their features and neighborhoods. Remember, the best real estate agents are experts in their markets. They know when homeowners are asking for too much for a property, and they can prevent their buyer clients from overpaying for a home.


Agents also handle the often contentious negotiation phase of buying a home. The real estate agents involved in a real estate transaction serve as go-betweens between the potential buyers and sellers of homes.

Your agent will present your offer to the agent representing the seller. That agent will then bring back the response of the sellers, either an acceptance, rejection or, most often, a counter offer. It’s then up to you and your agent to either walk away from the purchase or make a new offer.

This is a potentially emotional time of the home-buying process, and skilled agents can help make sure that their buyer clients get a fair deal.

This is just a quick look at the many benefits that agents bring to their clients. If you’re looking to buy a home, don’t tackle this complicated purchase on your own. Seek the help of a professional. Work with a real estate agent to boost your odds of buying the right home at the right price.